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Satin Lined
Haircare Accessories



Accessories to assist with styling and maintaining your hair.


Accessorize your hair while on the go or while sleep.


Several sizes and colors to choose from.  Scrunchies can give your hair that special touch.

Welcome to Gentlemane

I am a creative mom on a healthy hair journey that began from pixie cut to big curls.  I opened Gentlemane Satin Haircare Accessories to assist others on their natural hair journey. Our products work well with many protective styles and are great for men, women and children. We carry products that can be used in the car, traveling or sleeping at night. Here you will find products that are good for all types of hair: Curly, Wavy, Straight, Twists, Dreads, Locs, Weaves, Wigs, and Braids. We currently create several different products - satin bonnets, long satin bonnets, braids/locs satin bonnets, satin headrest covers, hair wraps, edge wraps, pillowcases and hoodies. Come inside and take a look. Our satin bonnets can be customized by length, color and fit. Enjoy!!

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